A little selection of my portfolio of map and food illustrations

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I illustrate promotional maps for national & international tourism; editorial maps for publishers; maps for retail stores and small & medium businesses; city maps with culture institutions & popular land marks; site maps for restaurants & bars.

Fruits & veggies are the stars in my food illustrations inspired by the international cuisine and my own cooking & baking practice. My illustrated recipes are playful & colourful and I like to incorporate some hand lettering. Below is a selection of illustrated recipes for vegetarian tasty & healthy food. 

Illustrated Map of Greece by nataliaoro
Facts about Greece – Infographic

Illustrated Recipe Christmas Bakery around Europe by nataliaoro
Christmas Bakery around Europe
Illustrated Map of Basel Walk by nataliaoro
A Sunday Stroll in Basel 
Food Illustration Farmer´s Market Frankfurt by nataliaoro
Farmer´s Markets in Frankfurt, illustrated map with food stalls 
Illustrated Map of the Rhein Riviera in Basel by nataliaoro
Rhein Riviera in Basel, Switzerland 
Illustrated Recipe Tarte aux Pommes by nataliaoro
“Tarte aux Pommes” is an illustrated reciepe for a delicious and easy to prepare french apple pie 
Illustrated Map Basel for Foodies by nataliaoro
Basel for Foodies
Food Illustration Let´s Picnic by nataliaoro
Let´s Picnic 

Facts About The Moon Infographic by nataliaoro
Lunar Gardening
Illustrated Recipe Mulled Wine by nataliaoro
Illustrated hot beverage recipe for a delicious red mulled wine for the Holiday season

Illustrated Map Mapping This Moment by nataliaoro
Mapping This Moment: Just an Ordinary Day  
Illustrated Recipe Eggplant Quiche with Leek by nataliaoro
Eggplant Quiche with Leek

Lunar Gardening Illustrated Map by nataliaoro
Lunar Gardening Infographic
Swiss Cheese Fondue

Illustrated Map of Ibiza by nataliaoro
Illustrated Map of Ibiza
Malta illustrated map
Illustrated Map of Malta
Illustrated Recipe Bloody Mary Cocktail by nataliaoro
Bloody Mary Cocktail – illustrated recipe for a spicy and refreshing cocktail

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