Let’s make time to play

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A creative experiment for the joy of the creative process

Blog Let´s make time for play- title image - nataliaoro

As creatives, we’re busy working on client briefs, chasing the next trend, entering competitions and the list goes on. But do we have time to learn new techniques, develop our style and do what we love to do: create?

The past year has flown by and I’ve realised that most of the pieces I’ve designed have been created on purpose. Because my time is precious and I’m under a lot of pressure to achieve my goals.

That’s why I want to make a change this year and make more time to play. I’ve written down a few simple tasks, such as making marks, drawing with ink, cutting paper, creating textures. The result doesn’t have to be beautiful, a finished work of art, or useful for something else later. If it is, great, if not, that’s fine. I just want to create and explore new techniques, calm down, take time for the joy of creating.

In order to be accountable to myself, I set myself some goals and constraints:
-create once a week – a total of 52 prompts in a year
-at least 30 minutes
-use analogue techniques as much as possible
-don´t overthink it
-no perfectionism
-show your work
-have fun

I will share my progress on Instagram and on my blog.

If you would like to join me in this, you are very welcome to do so and I would be delighted to see what you come up with.

Week 1

Mark making title image, nataliaoro
Mark making and pens, nataliaoro
Mark making, by nataliaoro, 2024

Week 2

Paper crumple - title image, nataliaoro
Paper crumple drawings with pen, scissors, nataliaoro
Paper crumple drawings, by nataliaoro, 2024

Week 3

Mark making lines, title image, nataliaoro
Mark making lines, nataliaoro

Week 4

A finger game, mark making, title image, nataliaoro
A finger game black line drawings, nataliaoro
A finger game black line drawings, nataliaoro

Week 5

Add to a shape doodles, nataliaoro
Add to a shape line drawings, nataliaoro

Week 6

Draw in a shape, title image, nataliaoro
Heart-shaped drawing - Line drawing of a loving couple, nataliaoro

Heart-shaped drawing - Line drawing of flowers, nataliaoro