Illustrated Recipes

I love to illustrate vegetarian, vegan tasty & healthy food. Fruits & veggies are the stars in my food illustrations inspired by the international cuisine and my own cooking & baking practice. My illustrated recipes are playful & colourful and I like to incorporate hand lettering.

Illustrated Recipe Stuffed Zucchini Flowers by nataliaoro
Stuffed Zucchini Flowers
Illustrated Recipe Christmas Bakery around Europe by nataliaoro
Christmas Bakery around Europe
Food Illustration Farmer´s Market by nataliaoro
Farmer´s Market
Illustrated Recipe Tarte aux Pommes by nataliaoro
Tarte aux Pommes
Food Illustration Let´s Picnic by nataliaoro
Let´s Picnic
Illustrated Recipe Eggplant Quiche with Leek by nataliaoro
Eggplant Quiche with Leek
Illustrated Recipe Swiss Cheese Fondue by nataliaoro
Swiss Cheese Fondue
Illustrated Recipe Bloody Mary Cocktail by nataliaoro
Bloody Mary Cocktail
Food Illustration Edible Flowers Buffet by nataliaoro
Edible Flowers Buffet