Illustrated Food Recipes

A collection of illustrated recipes for vegetarian tasty & healthy food. Fruits & veggies are the stars in my food illustrations inspired by the international cuisine and my own cooking & baking practice. My illustrated recipes are playful & colourful and I like to incorporate some hand lettering.

Illustrated Recipe Stuffed Zucchini Flowers by nataliaoro
Illustrated food recipe for a greek traditional dish – Stuffed Zucchini Flowers for the It’s All Greek To Me design challenge They Draw and Cook
Illustrated Recipe Mulled Wine by nataliaoro
Illustrated hot beverage recipe for a delicious red mulled wine for the Holiday season, They Draw & Feeling Festive design challenge
Illustrated Recipe Christmas Bakery around Europe by nataliaoro
Christmas Bakery around Europe
Food Illustration Farmer´s Market by nataliaoro
Farmer´s Markets in Frankfurt, illustrated map with food stalls
Illustrated Recipe Tarte aux Pommes by nataliaoro
“Tarte aux Pommes” is an illustrated reciepe for a delicious and easy to prepare french apple pie
Food Illustration Let´s Picnic by nataliaoro
Let´s Picnic
Illustrated Recipe Eggplant Quiche with Leek by nataliaoro
Eggplant Quiche with Leek – Illustrated recipe for a very uncomplicated and delicious vegetarian & cheese quiche with puff pastry
Illustrated Recipe Swiss Cheese Fondue by nataliaoro
Swiss Cheese Fondue
Illustrated Recipe Bloody Mary Cocktail by nataliaoro
Bloody Mary Cocktail – illustrated recipe for a spicy and refreshing cocktail
Food Illustration Edible Flowers Buffet by nataliaoro
Colourful Edible Flowers Buffet

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