Christmas Advent Calendar 2021

Day 1 Christmas Advent Calender Fabric Pattern by nataliaoro
Day 1 – Winter Plants Pattern
Day 2 – Christmas Plants Pattern
Day 3 Christmas Advent Calendar Christmas Plants Pattern and Cookies by nataliaoro
Day 3 – Christmas Plants Pattern and Cookies
Day 4 Christmas Advent Calendar Linzer Cookies illustrattion by nataliaoro
Day 4 – Linzer Cookies
Day 5 Christmas Advent Calendar Hygge Fabric Pattern Teatowel Cookies by nataliaoro
Day 5 – Hygge Pattern on Teatowel and Cookies

Day 6 Christmas Advent Calendar Christmas Sweets Pattern by nataliaoro
Day 6 – Christmas Sweets Pattern
Day 7 Christmas Advent Calendar Christmas Greeting Card Hohoho Santa by nataliaoro
Day 7 – Greeting Card Santa with a Tree
Day 8 Christmas Advent Calendar Christmas Zimt Stern Cookies illustration by nataliaoro
Day 8 – Zimt Stern Cookies Illustration
Day 9 Christmas Advent Calendar Christmas gift wrap by nataliaoro
Day 9 – Gift Wrap and Santa Claus Illustration
Day 10 Christmas Advent Calendar Christmas Ornaments Pattern by nataliaoro
Day 10 – Red and White Ornaments Pattern
Day 11 Christmas Advent Calendar Santa Ornaments Pattern Tin Container by nataliaoro
Day 11 – Santa Ornaments Pattern and a Tin Container
Day 12 Christmas Advent Calendar Peppermint Pattern by nataliaoro
Day 12 – Peppermint Pattern with Plants
Day 13 Christmas Advent Calendar Princess Nutcracker Winter Foliage by nataliaoro
Day 13 – Plum Fairy with winter Foliage
Day 14 Christmas Advent Calendar Plumpudding illustrattion by nataliaoro
Day 14 – Plumpudding Illustrattion
Day 15 Christmas Advent Calendar Santa Claus Winter Sports pattern by nataliaoro
Day 15 – Santa Claus Winter Sports Pattern
Day 16 Christmas Advent Calendar Santa Claus Ornament illustration, personal project by nataliaoro
Day 16 – Christmas Ornaments
Day 17 Christmas Advent Calendar Mulled Wine Greeting Card by nataliaoro
Day 17 – Mulled Wine Greeting Card
Day 18 Christmas Advent Calendar Santa Claus Snowboard illustration by nataliaoro
Day 18 – Santa Claus Snowboard Illustration
Day 19 Christmas Advent Calendar Gift Tags Santa Claus Christmas Sweets by nataliaoro
Day 19 – Gift Tags Santa Claus and Sweets
Day 20 Christmas Advent Calendar Gift Wrap pattern by nataliaoro
Day 20 – Gift Wrap Pattern
Day 21 Christmas Christmas Fun Advent Calendar Gift Wrap pattern by nataliaoro
Day 21 – Gift Wrap Fun Holiday

Day 22 Christmas Advent Calendar HoHoHo illustration by nataliaoro
Day 22 – HoHoHo
Day 23 Christmas Advent Calendar Gift Wrap Christmas Plants 2021 by nataliaoro
Day 23 – Calendar Gift Wrap Christmas Plants
Day 24 Christmas Advent Calendar HoHoHo Santa is coming illustration 2021 by nataliaoro
Day 24 – Santa is coming illustration