I enjoy to draw intricate floral patterns inspired by my love of flowers and nature. Christmas & Holidays and food motifs are also often subject of my surface pattern designs. I create repeating patterns for gift wrap, stationery, bolt fabric, home decor and more.

Interested in working together? Please contact me directly to get access to my entire portfolio.

Folk Art Floral pattern by nataliaoro 2021
Folk Art Floral Pattern
Winter Wonderland pattern, Personal Project 2021 by nataliaoro
Winter Wonderland
Damask Butterflies & Flowers pattern by nataliaoro
Damask Butterflies & Flowers
Santa  Christmas Ornaments Pattern by nataliaoro
Santa Christmas Ornaments Pattern
Damask Flowers pattern by nataliaoro
Damask Flowers
Forest Plants Pattern by nataliaoro
Forest Plants Pattern
Forest Flower Field Pattern by nataliaoro
Forest Flower Field Pattern
Farmers Market Pattern by nataliaoro
Farmers Market Pattern
Donuts Pattern by nataliaoro
Donuts Pattern
Butterflies Flowers
Butterflies & Flowers
Peppermint Christmas pattern by nataliaoro
Peppermint Christmas
Busy Santa Claus Pattern by nataliaoro
Busy Santa Claus Pattern